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Together, we can make a difference


I recognize the importance of increased constructive communication among parents and teachers, both as a research methodology and as a desirable outcome, in creating and sustaining a community that supports school improvement. I also believe by teaching our students about historically accurate matters, they learn about topics relevant to their lives, deepen their understanding of current complex issues, and explore diverse perspectives, which F.S.S.D. is unique and lucky to enjoy. Students also gain opportunities to share ideas, listen carefully to their peers, and practice being open to and respectful of others' viewpoints. I will also lobby for non-partisan school board seats and board member term limits to help ensure a continuous flow of fresh perspectives.


Teachers and school staff members do some of the most important and hardest work in our community, but too often they aren’t rewarded accordingly. I am very passionate about finding and developing resources for increasing teacher and staff compensation and recognition. I also recognize that parents’ voices are critical to the success of our education system, and a collaborative between teachers and parents has never been more important than now as we work together to support our learners.


Our education system can play a much more pivotal role in preventing experiences of homelessness, providing critical school-based supports to young people during experiences of homelessness, and equipping people to exit homelessness to stable, affordable housing. I am committed to expanding support for our F.S.S.D. students and families experiencing homelessness. Children will also learn more efficiently by being taught in their native language while learning English at the same time. I believe we can simply do more to bridge the gap between our students’ and parents’ first languages and English, and help knock down the language barrier many of our beloved F.S.S.D. families face. It’s vitally important that our district is more responsive to all parents’ needs.

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